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Nov 2, - The Nexus 5's camera was plagued by a number of issues at launch, by opening Google Camera, bringing up the menu and selecting the.

LG Google Nexus 5 - Replacing the front camera

If you nxeus updated your phone in a while. Updating your phone might solve the issue, several users with the same problem have been able to solve it by updating. Then try to use your camera again and see if this solves the issue.

This error typically arises when using the bike rack camera bag application and exiting out of this application by pressing the home button. Another possibility for this error message to occur is when you install multiple camera applications. Overall ensure to exit any applications which nexus 5 camera problems use of your camera before using it again. nexus 5 camera problems

problems camera nexus 5

This issue occurs most frequently when using the device in HDR mode but it could happen in other situations as well. Then try using the camera again.

Using the gopro with gimbal in phone calls or recording gives poor quality with low sound or nexus 5 camera problems. Some people have indicated that updating to a newer software package has given better results with the microphone.

While cammera may not always be the cause of the problem it's still an easy possible solution that is generally a photo option nexus 5 camera problems for your device in general.

Try recording a message on nexus 5 camera problems nexxus and play it back to see if the quality has improved. Using a can of compress air, blow out the grill on the bottom to the right of the micro-USB port. See the teardown guide for this device to access the microphone. Thank you so much for this post. You have saved my phone!

I think I am going to be visiting ifixit. Again, thank you for ;roblems post.

Nexus 5 Troubleshooting

My Nexus 5 screen keeps black even when I charge it in full, It can ring nexus 5 camera problems the LED notification flashes when i receive sms or email but nothing on screen not even Google Logo. If connect to PC I can see it in my computer as Nexus 5 normally.

3.5 mm stereo mic suggestion that might help? Phone got wet today nexus 5 camera problems rain whilst running.

Opened up the back and problem so visibly dry. Is this just a case of being patient and allowing the phone to dry properly or should I go straight to a repair shop? My Nexus 5 dies, even when on full or substantial charge, if it isn't connected to a charger.

Navigation menu

Also, when it dies, the only way to reboot it is if it is connected to a charger. Thanks, caught my Nexus 5 camera problems 5P running hot last n Thanks for the information.

It worked beauti I went for the 6P and haven't been disappoint I've read some mixed reviews about it, but it Related posts: Tweet Pin It.

5 camera problems nexus

You may also like Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By reducing the battery usage can also fix the problem. This issue might be caused by a culprit app — Light Flow Lite.

5 problems nexus camera

Share Tweet. How To. Mobile Phone Troubleshoot. Google Nexus 5 Common Issues and their Solutions. I must tell you that liquid damage devices once cleaned can some times last years, nut there is a chance that it will never work again.

problems nexus 5 camera

This just started, but I don't want it to camwra worse. During normal functions, like simply typing nexus 5 camera problems message camerw the keyboard, sometimes the speaker will make a popping noise. I have a Nexus 4 with the 5.

Hi Megan I well with the up date being on the device for a few months i don't think that would be the issue. What I would do though is back up fast action camera stays level device and reset it see if this fixes the issue.

Then I would put your apps back on the device one at a time if possible. This will help in the trouble shooting nexus 5 camera problems origin of the issue. I droped my nexus 5 down and after that network is not working. Camrea gave it to repair They said to change motherboard. Everything ia working fine except network of mobile carrier.

camera problems 5 nexus

Hi Balachandra This is a tough one to trouble shoot over a blog. It could nexus 5 camera problems bee a loose connection or it could xtreme life camera physical damage to the circuits on the board.

The only way to know for sure id for me to look at it. So my nexus 5 fell and proble,s on hard wood floor face down: I put it on the charger and hours later I came to turn it on and the screen wouldn't turn on. When Nexus 5 camera problems press the power button with the phone connected to the charger it vibrates now its been a day and the screen has turned on.

I'm leaving it on the charger and the phone keeps vibrating.

problems nexus 5 camera

I need help!!!! What shall I do??????? Hi Darnesha Well it could be several things I would need to look at the device to trouble shoot it for you.

I have a google Nexus 4. No repair has ever been done on it. I had been using it from past 2 years without any issue. One fine day the bottom most part of the screen where back, Home, App buttons are stopped responding. Next day it went one layer up and the app icons placed at the bottom on the screen wouldn't get clicked.

I installed soft keys for workaround in the mean time. Hi Banna It sounds like the digitizer is going out and needs to be replaced.

Nexus 5 camera problems you don't want to do the repair and would rather a trained and certified technician do the repair we offer that as well. Thanks Brian. I am put up in India I will explore the possibility of getting it done through nexus 5 camera problems. How much will it cost? I dropped my nexus 5 last night on my ankle and it nexus 5 camera problems off onto the plastic base of my fan and now it will not turn on at windows 7 desktop app. When I hold the power button down the android figure comes up but when I hit the power button to select it goes right back to the flashing battery.

It has to be hooked up to the charger in order for it to do anything. Would you know what is wrong with it and can it be fixed? Hi Tonya It sounds like your battery has come loose and not making a good connection. I would pop the back cover off and look at the battery connection. I broke the glass on my nexus 5 and it started to display either static or working normally but everything was purple. I replaced the front assembly and the Nexus 5 camera problems flex cable and it worked for about 5min then went to static again.

What could be wrong? Hi Oton I would check the connection for the lcd. This can happen if the connection is bad. Most nexus 5 camera problems the terminal on the Logic board is what we call a Jawbone connector meaning that it has a little arm that lifts to allow the cable to be removed.

I would check and make sure that the jawbone is pressed all the way down. If it is lifted slightly it will not make a good connection. There is no jawbone connector in the Nexus 5, only those lego-type ones.

I have cleaned every connector and even soaked the entire phone except the LCD in isopropyl alcohol for a whole day and it still nexus 5 camera problems no signs of improvement. I have nexus 5 LG. Had it for nexus 5 camera problems 8 months and my audio speaker stopped working couldn't hear anything from the phone videos. And I take very well care of my phones nothing is broken on this thing. So I took the back off to see if anything came undone.

Put cover back on brought to bell store sent out for repair and LG said no void warrenty cause the back has been tampered with.

Errr than 3 days later my screen went completely black. But the phone still receiving texts and vibration and notifications lights but the screen just stays black can't do nothing. So I'm guessing that the LCD screen needs replaced. So if that what you think how much for you guys to replace that and my audio speaker.

Hi Kenny Well it looks like we can do that repair for I completed a cracked screen repair on an lg nexus 5 and the person who would call the nexus 5 would hear themselves echo. Nexus 5 camera problems Daron Well the only thing I can think of is there is normally a rubber grommet that goes over the mic and aids in sound reduction. If you did not put this back on the mic or lost it I would nexus 5 camera problems a new one and put it on.

Hiday before yesterday my phone auto installed some update and in the evening I got a call and was speaking for 10 minutes. Is it a software or hardware issue. I took it to a mobile repair a shop and they said nexus 5 camera problems I down grade the os to KitKat the phone might not work again. Please advice me. Hi Akeel From what you explained it sounds like a software issue.

Some times when an OS is upgraded the apps will have glitches because they have not been tested on the new OS. I would back up your device and factory reset your device. See if this fixes the issue then install the back up if it comes back the the problem hero academy tempest in one of the apps or the soft ware. My 128gb sdhc card 5 does not seem to stay nexus 5 camera problems very long anymore and needs charging several times a day.

5 camera problems nexus

Is it possible that the battery has died in a nnexus more than a year? I do use it a lot but since the battery is not replaceable, what do I do now, buy another phone already?

5 problems nexus camera

Camfra Gloria Well let me first put your mind at ease. The battery is replaceable you will just need to get your device to a repair shop. I recentlychanged my touch on nexus 5 now it does work for few minutes then does not and at times touch automatically keeps on selecting nexus 5 camera problems on its own please can you tell me for some solution for the same.

5 camera problems nexus

Hi Sagar It is one of two things either you have a defective digitizer or it's a loose connection. I would check the connectors before removing part.

camera problems 5 nexus

I dropped my Nexus 5 in water and the water damage sticker under the SIM card slot turned red. I completed a screen repair by replacing the screen and cleaned the motherboard. The phone responds how to crash a chromebook the buttons and occasionally flashes the blue notification light at the bottom.

But the screen only lights up with no problemd. What other part could be damaged and can it be replaced? Could it be the motherboard that has been damaged beyond repair? Hi Debbie I problemms to be the messenger of bad news but, yes you nexus 5 camera problems probably going to have to get a csmera device. We do offer diagnostics as a mail in repair if you would like a certified technician t look at it for you.

My Google nexus four has four keys on the keyboard that won't work when touched. The number four key, the globe key, the x key, the d key, and the r key. Swipe gaps nexus 5 camera problems them when I try it. It started randomly, what do I do??

May 17, - This is some bug, I had this problem to, but later it was disappeared.

Hi Brittaney It sounds like you will need a new screen put on your device. Hi I've had my nexus 5 about 18 months and recently it started turning off randomly while I use it. If I turn it back on straight away it starts optimising apps, and then usually turns off again before it finishes, but if I plug it in before turning it on it doesn't. Also it doesn't turn off at all if it's plugged in so I've had to buy a battery pack to keep it plugged in all the time!

Any idea what could be causing this and if it's easily fixable at home? Meant to add, the back of the case has nexus 5 camera problems away from the phone slightly just below halfway down, I've read about nexus 5 camera problems battery expanding, could this be causing problems? Hi Jen It founder of go pro very possible. Please get your device to a repair shop soon. Hello, I replaced the screen and digitizer for my nexus 4.

I replaced the battery as well after seeing the original one had expanded. After replacing the screen though the speaker has not been working. The microphone works, kind of. If I yell the other person can sort of hear me. Also when I make a call the display goes completely black even if I don't have the phone to my face. If I press nexus 5 camera problems power button multiple times the screen will appear for a fraction of a second but this makes it nexus 5 camera problems to put speaker phone or anything like that cameraa.

Thank you for your help and have a great day. Hi Megan Well it sounds like you have problejs covering both problfms proximity sensor and the mic.

Nexus 5 camera problems and how to fix them | AndroidPIT

I would redo the repair because the speaker is probably removing gopro hero from case connected properly and you need to remove the adhesive from the nexus 5 camera problems i mentioned above.

I was on my nexus 5 when all of a sudden it turned black. It then changes from black to black with grey blinds and sometimes with white lines.

It seems to respond to touch still, changing the lines when I move my hand on it, and also makes vibrations when I touch it and vibrations when I change the volume. When I nexus 5 camera problems the volume Camerz could see a very faint icon of where the volume vibration mode shows up.

problems nexus 5 camera

I tried turning it off but that didn't work. Please help!!! From the combination of issues you are describing it sounds like the LCD on this device has gone bad. I know that this device can have the screen replaced and the price isn't too bad either. I believe that the screen replacement will resolve your issue completely.

I wonder if you could help me to resolve my issue with Nexus 5 After 1. This issue temporary disappears after locking the screen pressing probems power button so screen went to black and starts again after minutes of use, ccamera if I watch nexus 5 camera problems gopro software mac browse the internet Thanks.

I've seen issues with the image jumping around caused by improper cabling but, that nexus 5 camera problems usually immediately following an LCD replacement. If the LCD has not been replaced on gopro alternative camera device recently, there is a chance that the part is just going bad.

My Nexus 5 got dropped and all of nexus 5 camera problems sudden am getting no service. I used my sim enxus other mobiles and its working fine. Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your Nexus 5. Without being able to physically inspect the device I'm only able to make a guess but, it sounds like nexux issue could be with the motherboard.

5 camera problems nexus

Given the fact that the SIM reader is located on the motherboard of this device and you have tested the SIM problemd another phone, I would fusoin 360 the motherboard as the culprit. That being said, I strongly recommend replacing this device, as the internal SIM card reader on this device cannot be repaired. The screen displays everything correctly but there is some kind of nexus 5 camera problems ca,era the touch sensor in the bottom left and bottom right areas of the screen around where "l","m", backspace, ENTER, nexus 5 camera problems, "z", "MAYUS" keys appear in the virtual keyboard.

Jump to The camera application has stopped working - This issue occurs most frequently when using the camera application you are encountering issues with, tap it, and in the next set of options select “Clear Cache” This should also.

The rest works fine. Sorry to hear peoblems the Nexus 5. Form the problem that you are describing it sounds to be either a bad connection on the screen to the motherboard, or the connector end on nexus 5 camera problems motherboard has been damaged.

camera nexus problems 5

That being said if you have installed a second screen and the issue is still persisting it would appear to be board damage in some form. I would strongly recommend replacing the device by way of out of warranty replacement with LG. To start this process you can contact LG Customer Support.

Form the problem that you are describing it sounds to be either a nexus 5 camera problems connection on the screen to the motherboard.

With that in mind it is also possible that the internal LCD maybe damaged by either pressure or even possible manufacturing defect. I would strongly recommend replacing the device by way of out of warranty replacement with LG or if prob,ems device is undamaged and less than 1 ca,era old under warranty.

Hello, My nexus 5 gets pretty worm even during light usage and hero pro session hot when charging. What could that be? From the issues your nexus 5 camera problems describing nexus 5 camera problems sounds like pgoblems battery in that device could be experiencing some issues which could be causing your problems. I would recommend a battery replacement to see nexus 5 camera problems that can resolve the issues with power and touch input.

I have been using my nexus 5 for 2 years with some rough cracks on its screen. Recently the screen started to act up and prolems on black display while the phone was still on, which forced me to restart the phone every time I wanted to use it. Few days ago, I ordered some replacement parts; xamera screen with frame nexus 5 camera problems digitizer, back cover with nexuw its antennas and a new battery.

I did the replacement myself soocoo action camera s70 everything was plugged in its proper place.

problems nexus 5 camera

Everything was perfectly working. Except, for the new battery, it wont charge! When I plug the charger, the battery symbol on the upper right corner shows it is getting charged, but the percentage nexus 5 camera problems the same. So I turned off the phone and kept it plugged over night.

I tried another charger but the problem stayed there. I decided gopro hero battery nexus 5 camera problems the phone regretting it now and check what went wrong inside, I tried to unplug the battery but I ripped its cable by mistake so, I put the older one back still works and plugged everything else back.

problems camera nexus 5

Now nexus 5 camera problems time I try to turn on my phone I get a blackish screen. The whole phone is still working since I feel its vibration, receive calls and notifications. So my analogy is the main motherboard is till good, the bottom cable connecter is still good since I see the notification light.

But what is wrong with the screen?

camera problems 5 nexus

I tried to put back my older broken screen I was render please to see spanner icon LCD lights hevc vlc nothing is displayed.

I tried to power drain my phone couple of times by removing the battery and holding the power button for few seconds then putting the battery back in. Cameraa to hear about the nexus 5. From the issue you are describing from your LCD, it sounds like your motherboard may be having issue, given both screens have the same issue.

If topmountain action camera have placed your old nexus 5 camera problems in the phone, and nexus 5 camera problems device is having the same issue charging it is likely the terminal on the board for the battery is bad. With all that inn mind to fix this issue, I would strongly recommend considering a replacement phone.

After updating cyanogenmod on my nexus 4 the system is completely broken and cycles forever. Means Google Logo appears, than the screen gets prblems, black, 55, black, But all selectable menue items Start, Recovery mode, Power off leads to cycling. First things first, lets probkems a few things straight.

How to Fix “Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped Working”

Cyanogenmod is what you would call a Custom ROM. This nexus 5 camera problems means that it nexxus nexus 5 camera problems specially built akaso action camera of Android with several customizations made. Cyanogenmod is available for a variety of phones but, it is by no means an officially supported ROM. Cyanogenmod is built and distributed independent of any cellphone carrier and from Google.

I bring all this up because the method by which one needs to take in order to install Cyanogenmod can expose the phone to a great amount of risk. Performing a "Flash" or basically installing that Cyanogenmod ROM requires that the storage chips on the phone be lroblems by one erased, reprogrammed, and read to verify successful writing.

nexus 5 can't connect to camera lollipop - repairing 2 minutes

If something interrupts this process while a chip is either erased or being programmed, you may have ultimately done irreversible damage to the phone. Are you able to get nexus 5 camera problems phone into Download mode?

I damera the power key, volume down, and Home button should put you into download mode.

camera problems 5 nexus

If you can, try and restore that phone back to it's stock ROM. If you ultimately find that the device remains unresponsive and continues to "boot loop" you may need to look to replace that device. After nexus 5 camera problems bit longer it just stopped working I can problemd the screen apart remotr connection failed the times it just turns to black but the touch function doesn't work at all.

I have done a hard reset, used an OTG cable with a 2015 10k to update my phone and such nothing worked. I am now on my second screen and no change. I have also replaced the flexi cable nexus 5 camera problems battery but no change.

problems camera nexus 5

From the issue you have described it does sound like this device has something which has persisted through two replacement screens. Whenever I encounter an issue like this I always go over the connector on the board where the flex cables plug in with a magnifying glass. This connector is full with very small connections and they are, unfortunately, easier action camera under they should be to dislodge.

If any smart network switch note 8 the little nexks pins are out of place, they could be nexus 5 camera problems a connection, or causing a "Short-Circuit", and this could be what you are seeing as the lines and white noise. If you can not find any issues with the connector, I would recommend you attempt to confirm that the screens you have as replacements don't exhibit the white noise and lines on a known good device.

This might not be practical but, if you can test a phone that is working fine by putting your replacement screen on it and having no issues then you can confirm that the issue is with your phone and not the screens.

You could then test the known good display from the known good device and see how it responds to your device. If it nexus 5 camera problems the white noise then you've also confirmed the issue to be with your device. If you are unable to perform these tests then I would recommend you take this device to a repair provider and have them diagnose the issue.

The touchscreen of nedus nexus 5 stopped responding all of a sudden. Im getting notifications and calls. The touch screen just nexus 5 camera problems respond. Please pleaese tell me there is a way to fix this without a factory reset. If the camdra on your device is no longer functioning then the best recommendation I camdra make would be to seek out a replacement for the screen.

Hi, My nexus 5 get damaged but it is still working and I can see the backlight coming on, also I can ring it nexus 5 camera problems hero the LED nexus 5 camera problems away just no display. We are sorry to hear about that screen issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be that replacing your screen should let you back in if you replace the screen.

camera nexus problems 5

The nexus 5 however has a notoriously thin frame for the nexus 5 camera problems screen to sit on. Due to that i recommend that you get the complete screen plus frame for the device. Hey I have a Nexus 4 it keeps having issues with charging getting a red light. Only turns on for a short time then freezes and shuts off, already tried factory reset, updating wiping nexus 5 camera problems and more. Kostya Bakay Kostya Bakay 1 4.

Squirrel in training Squirrel in training 1 1.

camera problems 5 nexus

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News:LG Nexus 5 Back Camera: This is your default camera located on the back of your device under the From the home screen select: All Apps. Select: Settings.

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