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How to slow down video on iphone - How To Make Slow Motion Video in Pinnacle Studio

Sep 25, - You don't have to buy an iPhone 5S just to enjoy slow-mo. As the old From there you can choose a video to speed up or slow down -- or both!

8 Professional Slow Motion Video Apps for iPhone and Android
iMovie - How To Speed Up or Slow Down Video

To make things easier, Fly Labs created Tempoan iOS 8 app for iPhone 5 s and higher and iPads that lets you both slow how to slow down video on iphone and speed up a video however you want. You could make one video go from fast to slow to super slow and super fast—without having to shoot different videos. When you first open Tempo, you'll gopro mount helmet to give it access to your photos.

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Once you do, all of the videos from the camera roll will show up in a grid, along with the length of each video. Select one to start editing, or use the green camera icon in the top left to record one you'll need to give access to your camera and microphone for this. On the next screen, you'll how to slow down video on iphone able to add music to your video using any song in you personal library.

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You could also skip this step. Two are nestled on the back panel, while the third sits in the front. The ones in the back have 12 megapixels each, while their front-oriented sibling boasts a respectable 7 megapixels.

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In order to record a video in slow motion, you will first have to change the camera settings. You can access the settings panel easily. It is worth noting that the offered frame rate options seriously lag behind the rates offered by some of the premium Android phones, as some models support rates up to a jaw-dropping fps.

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The faster the speed, the shorter the final time lapse video will be. You also have the option to share your time lapse to Instagram or Facebook.

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Sometimes you might not want to adjust the speed immediately after shooting. Then tap Edit Later.

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This indicates how many videos you have ready to edit. Tap the blue circle to open your latest unedited video.

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Adjust the time lapse speed, then tap the green checkmark to save. Tap the red X instead of the green checkmark, then select Delete Hyperlapse. When you shoot a time lapse video, your footage is stabilized to smooth out any camera shake.

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This allows you to shoot polished time lapse videos without a tripod. Hyperlapse is perfect for shooting time lapse videos on the move. It has everything you need to create professional time lapse alow with your iPhone.

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This app provides ultimate control over your iPhone time lapse settings. It also lets you edit your footage, and add audio to enhance the final video. There are two versions of the OSnap app.

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The free version of OSnap is great for testing out the app. This paid version gives you access to voice-over recording, unlimited projects, and the option to shoot at a higher resolution.

Jul 2, - After you've taken your video, you can edit it to choose at which point you want the slow motion to begin and end. Let's get started learning how.

The Stay Here option keeps you on the current screen. Note that you can access these time lapse settings at any time by tapping the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.

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You can set photo-taking intervals anywhere from 0. Use a long interval to create a time lapse of something that happens very slowly, like a seedling growing into a plant. To speed up the time lapse, set the FPS to a higher number.

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To slow down your video, set the FPS to a lower number. Before you start shooting, you can tap to set focus and exposure. These let you lock focus, white balance color and exposure brightness.

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You can trigger the shutter manually by tapping the camera icon. Tap it every time you want to take a photo.

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Each photo that you take will eventually create your time lapse video. To doqn photos at the time intervals you specified in Settings, tap the Timer icon circled below.

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Tap Start Timer to begin shooting. When OSnap is shooting in timer mode, tap the white stop button octagon icon to stop capturing images. Launch Camera App and swipe gopro floating mount the right until you find the Slo-Mo video recording section.

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Step 2. Tap on the FPS generally, it is set by default. When you tap on it, FPS will be selected.

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Step 3. Tap on the red button to start the video recording.

8 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for iPhone & Android - Freemake

You can also check out at which speed a video is being recorded in the corner of the viewfinder. To change it again, stop video recording and then tap on the label. If the rumor mills prove right, the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 might feature the best ever Camera app with 13 megapixels and two lens DSLR imagery.

News:iOS. Quik for mobile uses the settings / slo-mo zone you saved in the Photos App for your For each video clip you can choose its SPEED: fast / regular / slow.

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