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Dec 18, - When you set up a new Mac, the Setup Assistant will help you Select the Mac or hard drive from which you want to copy data, and then select.

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Several readers have pointed out that how to connect mac to mac can use your PC's name versus its IP address to connect to it. Using the name is a better method than IP address because the IP can change if it's assigned dynamically, but the name won't unless you change it.

Connect to the server on your Mac.

How to use AirDrop on your Mac

To use your PC's name instead of IP address, replace the number with the name. If it finds your server, you'll get prompted to enter your network credentials - by default, your Windows username and password:.

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Once you're in, you'll get to choose which shared folder you want to mount on kac Mac. In this case, we're going to choose the "PC - My Docs" share:.

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And you're done! If you've allowed reading and writing to the shared folder in Windows, you can drag and drop and save files to it as if it were any disk.

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Your Bluetooth headphones should now appear in the list. Put the ear pieces into the case and keep the lid open Press and hold aquadic adventures setup button until the light switches from amber to white around 10 seconds Now all settings on your earphones should be mav and you should be able to connect them again using the standard workflow above.

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To do that: Launch Activity Monitor from the Applications folder In the CPU tab, find the process called coreaudiod Quit the process and close Activity Monitor The above would gow not only how to connect mac to mac preferences for your audio to reset but also the audio process for your whole Mac to relaunch. No audio from a paired and connected Bluetooth headset Occasionally, when you succeeded in connecting Bluetooth headphones to Mac, you might hear no sound going through.

Ensure that your headphones are the mca audio output for your Mac: To fix this issue, essentially repeat the steps from the previous section: How to use multiple audio outputs simultaneously Most Mac users believe that they can only play their audio output through one device at a time, be it internal speakers, How to connect mac to mac headphones, or some other amplifier. The fourth phase buy all sounds will play through connwct devices at the same time.

Use master audio software for all needs Most of the time, audio on Mac is not an issue.

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To set up a new device nac ToothFairyall you need to do is: Get Setapp. Command recording have an account? Log in. Your name Oops, something wrong happened.

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Your email Oops, something wrong happened. Your password Oops, something wrong happened.

Mar 21, - The next step is to connect the Macs to each other. migrate from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk, choose Time Machine backup.

Create account Oops, something wrong happened. This part of the process can be time-consuming, but it can allow you to sift through your files to find what you really need, and slim down your Mac.

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OS X installs a number of applications, many of which you probably use every day. But you probably use plenty of other apps on your Mac.

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And this is a good time to decide which of the many apps in your Applications folder you want ,ac keep. You may find dozens of apps that you rarely use.

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Your Home Folder: Again, take this opportunity to check whether you need to keep all of the files in these folders. Your Library Folder: By default, this folder is hidden, but it contains many files that you should copy.

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For example, all of your email is in this folder, as is the information ti the Contacts app. First, you need to access this hidden folder on the new Mac.

How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G, and then type: Click Go to view the contents of this folder. In another Finder cinnect, do the same thing to view the old Library folder.

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Type the appropriate names for the backup disk and your user name. I do, however, suggest that you go through that folder and copy over any evo select or folders for apps that you do use, especially if, when you launch them, their setup is different.

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However, you may just want to manually reset the preferences for your apps; this is a good way to rediscover your apps and their interfaces. So make sure you know where your serial numbers are.

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As you work on your new Mac, you may find that certain files are missing. You may need to go back into that folder and copy some other files to the new Mac.

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What about permissions if you do a clean install? Will there be issues, and if so, how does one resolve them?

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There should not be permissions issues when you do a clean install and manually copy your files into a new user account. Documents, Downloads, Music, Photos, etc.

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It is risky to copy third-party apps from one Mac to another. Many apps install connsct in several locations. It is much safer to redownload all the third-party apps you use regularly and reinstall them from scratch. In step 4, select the drive and specific backup.

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mc No security code appears in Step 5 before you click Continue. Email yours to mac macworld. Launch Migration Assistant on both Macs and click Continue on both.

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You may also see a security code that will be the same on both screens, used to eliminate hlw risk of someone acting as a man in the middle. Click Continue on both Macs if no code is shown or if the code is the same.

News:Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the dropdown menu and click Erase. (If you want to encrypt your disc for extra security, choose the.

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