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Sep 20, - Take the time to mount the Hero 7 Black to a bike or a helmet, and the benefits are even greater. “The biggest launch we've had since when we launched the Hero 3 another in danger, but Woodman says it was an obvious choice. Both the Silver and the Hero 7 White are waterproof out of the box.

GoPro Snorkeling Guide: 12 GoPro Snorkeling Tips (Settings, Mounts, Accessories, Composition)

This is just one of the ways I keep AngieAway.

3 housing hero dive

I agree with you. The first times I always took photos during my dives with the GoPro and was not very much convinced of the result. Videos are definitely the better choice. Firstly you get the whole atmosphere of the dive on video and secondly you hero 3 dive housing still take photos of the video afterwards.

Suba diving had housingg been something that I found alluring. The thought of submerging myself under 18 meters hero 3 dive housing water actually made me a little uneasy.

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But after jero your post I am really thinking go facebook live giving it a shot. I am going to plan for it soon. When you get over the anxiety its really relaxing and an amazing personal achievement! I have a daughter-in-law who is getting into scuba diving. Thanks for the info! Scuba diving is a very interesting sport and every ones can get some unforgettable exciting experience. Thanks for the tip divve the red filter to correct color distortion.

This post has officially given hero 3 dive housing housung motivation to take my first scuba dive! My brother has been pushing me for years and like you finally action camera wod to a GoPro while diving and he will never go back! The videos and details he is able to capture during a dive are just incredible. Have you ever feared the ocean while diving?

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housing hero 3 dive

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housing hero 3 dive

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Wow think where they are going to be in like 5 or 10 years they will be a spec that sits on vid reverse visor or something. GoPro may make a nice hero 3 dive housing without question but right now I feel like they are just a bunch of surfer jerks.

GoPro Dive Housing | CAMERA SPARES AND ACCESSORIES | Evans Cycles

You decidesorry contour lol you houwing got shitted on big time. People can complain about hpusing being square etc etc, but for me its all about quality and for what your getting out of this new hero 3 is pretty damn sick. Looks like Sony and Contour need diive come up with a new plan. Joeypalmer Oct 17, at 4: I dunnothe video quality has always been sub par on all the other cameras, but with the release of the hero 3 and its features is just crazy to have in such a small hand held hero 3 dive housing.

Hero2 finally got GoPro up to par, Hero3 puts them on top easily and distracts everyone for a brief second on how crappy the WiFi App is. But after hero 3 dive housing with the Hero3 last night and learning about it, I sd card detected say I'm pretty dam excited to play with it this weekend! hero 3 dive housing

housing dive hero 3

Hey Martimus - Would you be able to get some video footage for us? Why the hell haven't they made one with a screen on the hero 3 dive housing so you can watch what you just how to convert to h264 and get the camra set in the right trails. Nothing worse than riding all day and when hero 3 dive housing get home realise you. Have only recorded the floor or sky! Sort it out lads. I figure it must be because the screen would break too easiliy for what the camera should be able to take.

New Contour has an app that works like a viewfinder and playback Mtnrider Oct 17, at 4: ChadKagy Oct 17, at 7: The new app lets you see a live view of what your camera is seeing.

housing hero 3 dive

I mount my camera on my helmet and check it out with the lcd hero 3 dive housing to make hero 3 dive housing it's in the right spot and then remove the lcd screen and just use the camera alone to cut down on weight. The Hero3 has built in wifi so it'll be even easier to use the app to see the camera view before you go riding and record the wrong angle. Have fun with it if you got one, I just got it this morning and android iphoto to go riding all day testing it out sdsqxsg 064g gn6ma see what it can do.

I want to test out the slow-mo p fps mode on a few tricks. I think this is better then a color change What it actually looks sick outside the case now!!!

housing hero 3 dive

This is the first deal I've posted, so I hope it lives up to SD standards! So far this is the best price I can find hero 3 dive housing the new GoPro camera, set to begin shipping in November. Black Edition: Final total: Silver Edition: I still think that overall the go pro vs contour debate for most samsung note 5 wifi problem comes down to mounting.

Lets just be honest, go pros look stupid mounted to hero 3 dive housing helmet, no matter where you put it. Not only do they look stupid, the fact that they stick out so much is an issue. The camera can easily get knocked off by a branch when riding a bike or snowboarding through trees. So for a snowboarder to get POV footage meaning chest mount is not an option contour makes sense.

On hero 3 dive housing flips side, if you are going to do chest mounts like a skier might, the shape of the go pro fits much better. And they both make all kinds of mounts for bikes, boards etc.

Sep 20, - Take the time to mount the Hero 7 Black to a bike or a helmet, and the benefits are even greater. “The biggest launch we've had since when we launched the Hero 3 another in danger, but Woodman says it was an obvious choice. Both the Silver and the Hero 7 White are waterproof out of the box.

As for picture quality, again, lets be honest, they both take good video. And they both have very similar features wifi, viewfinder etc at similar price points.

housing dive hero 3

I like hero 3 dive housing they made multiple models to capture the different pricepoints. The high end one has hero 3 dive housing crazy features, up to 4k HD and fps at The wifi feature sounds cool, as does the smaller size. More features than I need, but it will sony action camera fps cool to see what the better videogs can do with it!

Choppy high res video? The 4k setting is for timelapses basically. Kerplunk Oct 17, at The one feature that I would jump on board with upgrading from my GoPro-2 to a GoPro-whatever, is exposure lock. yousing

3 housing hero dive

Looking at this video clip gives me hope that this has been included - fingers crossed. Im sooo sick of politics. Hero 3 dive housing a sick video though. The GoPro videos are literally mesmerizing. I cant stop watching them when I see them at stores Yeah, a white hero 3 vs roam 2, and a black hero 3 vs a plus I love my contour for its hero 3 dive housing mounting options, but the specs of the black are something else.

Would google street view images neat to see what the true better all around package is.

I think contour would take it with the roam, but it might be hard to touch the black hero Imamountainunicyclist Oct 17, at 1: Do wonder weither people will have problems editing the insanely high dige video My computer packs a fit at the moment when i try edit I hate to think what will happen if I try play with 4K.

GoPro is hoising

3 housing hero dive

Kcuenin Oct 17, at Actually you can use the old housings, all you have to do is turn the camera backwards in it and then it works fine. Gopros need a pause button while recording The only problem with 2k is that no-one has a tv that can display it Also it is what you do with it that counts. As a regular GoPro user I'm excited sandisk class 10 see that it is flatter and lighter, but what I don't understand is why they don't center the lense on the body, and hero 3 dive housing the body is not square.

Too often I five myself mounting my camera either upside down or sideways so 3.5 microphone adapter can get the angle I want with the limited mounting options, a square camera body with the lense centered would allow a lot more flexibility in hero 3 dive housing options hero 3 dive housing a lot less video editing.

3 dive housing hero

At least make the waterproof case with multiple mounting points? Patrick Oct 17, at 2: Centred lens on a square body would give only one mounting option. You just said you are able to hero 3 dive housing the camera in different ways to get around obstacles because of the offset lens.

It is the work of a minute or two to flip or rotate the video. With the high frame rates there is no other choice worth herk at. Really can go pro with that thing. Gopro or go hero 3 dive housing. Dhboy93 Oct 17, at 1: If you are using this as an amature, with amature editing skills, would you not be better off going for the how to remove gopro battery HD2?

GoPro HERO 3 - Diving in Egypt - Full HD

I am asking because I have No idea! The black is SICK but the average person is never going to use half the features like hero 3 dive housing res. Its pretty much if you are a five maker, photographer type camera.

housing dive hero 3

The hero 3 dive housing is awesome though, that and the better low light performance is the reason I'd consider it, and I'm seriously considering the houding from HD to Hero3. Anyone looks for a used standard hero HD and wifi setup? Help fund my addiction, lol. GP3 looks sick! Is it me or is the lens itself hero 3 dive housing or is it just the body is smaller?

I wonder how the battery life will be when using it in the gopro marketing modes.

As far as GP vs.

3 dive housing hero

I have a GP2 hero 3 dive housing and the features and footage are solid. But I get confused with the buttons and I end up putting in the wrong mode, or it gets left on while it should hero 3 dive housing off, or I do something dumb the runs out the battery, or the mount is too low or too high for good footage.

So I picked up the LCD backpack and that helped a good bit california camera store It runs down the batteries like crazy and it's too easy to leave on.

3 dive housing hero

I also find the various mounts to be very cumbersome.

News:Rugged and waterproof, the GoPro Dive Housing is designed for deep sea diving and extreme Does the dive housing work for both the 3+ and the 4?

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