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The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 (Australia) - can your action camera do this - prove how This waterproof Ultra HD action camera captures 4K/30fps video with GPS data cycling or off-roading on a motorcycle or ATV, footage won't come out shaky. camera when it's out of reach, mounted on your boat helm, dash or helmet or.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 In-Depth Review

Set your selected mode, set it to record and let it run until you finish.

action mount camera helmet ultra 4k virb garmin 30

The demand for smaller, lighter cameras with garnin more detailed images means batteries are always going to be under pressure. Battery technology lags behind all technology right now so our options are very limited.

4k action garmin helmet virb mount ultra camera 30

You can reasonably expect battery life of between, 2 hours and 8 hours depending on how you use it. While not essential for normal operation, having these connectivity options enables you to watch or livestream your ride or connect it to other devices.

30 mount virb camera ultra helmet 4k garmin action

WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth can connect your camera to your phone and from there to cloud storage or social viirb. None of these are strictly necessary but if you have compatible accessories, they can offer another dimension to your movies.

virb camera 4k garmin mount 30 ultra action helmet

Whether you ride road or mountain, are a weight weenie or not, the size free video programs weight of your camera will have an influence over the user experience.

Heavy cameras will not sit well on a helmet while larger ones may affect how comfortable you are using it. The GoPro Hero 5 Session is a good example of a small camfra compact bike camera.

30 4k camera action mount ultra virb garmin helmet

Bike or bar mount offers a less engaging but much more stable moung. Mounting location comes down to personal preference. There are so many options out there for all kinds of camera that you can pretty much mount it wherever you like.

mount garmin helmet ultra 30 4k virb camera action

Most bike cameras will survive a light splash or a little rain but need gzrmin from more. Some cameras are inherently waterproof and will come with a specific depth capability.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 - 4K GPS Action Camera Set - black/red - Bike24

The GoPro Hero 7 for example is waterproof up to 33ft. These will add weight and a little bulk but are often cheaper than spending the extra for a waterproof camera. It means the camera can geotag your stills and video and show exactly vitb you were when you recorded it. You can add speed, location or altitude to add another dimension to the video.

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If you have a compatible bike computeryou can sometimes overlay other data too. Use a Garmin Virb and a Garmin bike computer and you can add heart rate, temperature and other metrics to an overlay on the video too.

Best bike helmet cameras 2018

Some cameras can be finnicky about the cards they are compatible with while others will only work with limited sizes.

Some cameras will not work with such large cards while others will. If you think you will be storing a lot of footage, from a multi-day event for example, using a larger microSD card is more practical than carrying multiple cards in your jersey pocket.

virb ultra helmet garmin 30 mount action camera 4k

As you can see, there is a mac clip to choosing action cameras for cycling. At least vkrb you should have a good idea of some of the best around right now and what to look for when doing your research!

Heart Rate Monitor.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 ()

The Geeky Cyclist. The 7 Best Bike Camera for Cyclists in Best Overall.

4k ultra 30 camera helmet mount garmin action virb

Garmin Virb Ultra I can record a video or take a picture using my Edge 2. I can overlay data like grades, speed, elevation, etc. This blog post is about my first impressions after starting to use the Virb and about damera issues I upload burst photos with this camera regarding battery life and online video quality and how I solved them.

ultra 30 camera helmet virb garmin mount action 4k

Adieo in set-up: The location camega the Edge bike computer is excellent, but does have its drawbacks: Compare the following two images: Pairing the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 with the sensors on my bike was very easy. Controlling the camera with the Edge is simple: Battery life: Does the battery last longer when you record only parts of a ride by turning the camera on and off?

After two hours the battery is dead.

30 4k action helmet garmin virb mount camera ultra

What does make a difference, is turning the sensor pairing off. When the Virb Ultra 30 is not paired, the batteries last for 2 hours and 10 minutes, so more or less, what the Garmin specs say. On the left: But Garmin have also decided to build voice activation into the unit.

action ultra 30 camera mount 4k garmin virb helmet

Using the touch screen is a much better system, pull the padlock to unlock with your finger, and then follow the simple grid menus. One major omission from Garmin here does relate to the above YouTube broadcast.

30 action virb 4k helmet camera mount ultra garmin

None of the data overlays which are so effective, are available when you are doing a YouTube stream, instead, just limiting ultr to a simple video, which is a shame. But hopefully something which can be easily added to the iOS streaming software before long.

helmet 4k virb ultra camera garmin mount 30 action

The film from any screen hero download camera is the real reason for the device review, and here are my videos. I choose this route for moumt as I like it, has varied lighting elements to test exposures, and several areas of detail, such as around the Hall its self. I think one reason being that it is clear that Garmin is really developing their action camera.

30 camera garmin action ultra helmet 4k mount virb

The touch screen had improved on a few of the minor niggles I had with the VIRB XE, regarding seeing actkon setting on the camera when it was upside down on my bars! Want to take a photo mid-activity, press the button. Want to check a setting, glance at the screen.

30 action mount helmet garmin 4k virb ultra camera

Want to start videoing? What do you think is the 1 mistake people make with action cameras? Let us know in the comments below.

30 camera 4k ultra helmet garmin action mount virb

Home Features The top 5 action camera mistakes, and how to avoid them. The top 5 action camera mistakes, and how to avoid them Record footage to be proud of by avoiding these common errors.

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 : Best Action Camera with G-Metrix Data Ever? - FULL REVIEW

October 21, at 7: Watch out for rain or dirt getting on the lens. Try not to be blinded by the marketing.

News:Oct 20, - The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is Garmin's top-of-the-range action camera. It takes 4k/30 video and is packed with lots of features, including voice control. Cons. Quite heavy – particularly mounted on a helmet; Short battery life wind and traffic noise stopped the camera from picking up commands accurately.

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