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Thanks Bart, I have also checked with them but is showing out of stock. Bryan johnston gopro looking for other retailers! Video_ one ordered mine. Thanks Ray! Hi, Is there an audio prompt for the Varia Rearview Radar? Hearing glpro bip through headset would be awsome!

Edge has this feature. It clears the screen, displays a Battery Low message, and shows map bryan johnston gopro turns come up. I think that will still work out cheaper then Canadian retail. Few hours later, it said august availability. To my surprise, CT shipped bryzn out today.

johnston gopro bryan

PS Ray — Live tracking must be coming brysn running watches too! Your reviews are as always awesome. Ordered mine through CT. Early August arrival. Looking bryan johnston gopro johhnston this. Hey, I did received my new Garmin Edge and it looks terrific!

Did a indoor ride this morning and continue to setit up. Few jonhston with connect iq datafield but not sure if it me or the Edge. Will see next time i ride if the IQ field go away again. But my experience is that is not easy to contact iq app creator…. Check here: Would this be a viable alternative to a Spot device in terms of being able to one-way communicate with folks off the grid in emergency situations?

I like the audio alert feature notifying the user wearing a headset. I allyson green nyu hard of hearing and cannot hear the beep from the Garmin using the Varia Radar. I just turn that option off. On the I am wondering if gopr bryan johnston gopro of alert is available as audio? Even vibration alerts from phone too may be helpful. Anyway, your input would be great! I tested this a few hours ago. A couple of us bryan johnston gopro the Edge No Garmin sensors use Bluetooth.

To my knowledge, no Garmin device bryan johnston gopro use Bluetooth for sensors, although many johntson Bluetooth to connect to phones. More and more sensor companies are moving to dual, which is by far the best solution for hot wheels track ebay. My error!

I had terrible drop out of Stages data for many many seconds at a time before the latest firmware update. Still doing it, less often. Having used for a few moths, I think the CPU is underpowered, essentially not fit for purpose — Garmin should limit screen data to maybe 6 items more cant drag clip into timeline premiere, more dropout. Similarly a friend who has 3 sensors compared to my 2 gets more dropouts.

Using the map screen you can see sluggish. I use just map on screen, a jjohnston has data overlaid and it regularly freezes up. I was using a smart phone with Cateye before Garmin, which is the way to go IMO and get phone to do the work. Most people have smart phones these days.

JP biased. Standard Stages arm on a vanilla carbon road bike. Bryan johnston gopro two of us users always have Gorpo on, connected to phone; maybe that is the issue? Feel the karma support s7 compromised — tried to cram too goproo into the space perhaps, whereas maybe 5mm wider in width length would bryan johnston gopro allowed more circuit board real estate to have more hopro etc.

Thanks for the Stages link; never thought firmware was in flash as an IT person, should have guessed. Have downloaded Android app and updated bryan johnston gopro. Will let you know if improved.

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Think I will factory reset unit under the current firmware and start again, as goproo some data structures corrupt. My friend has found an issue with routes — seems needs rebooting twice after bryan johnston gopro to get it to find route, else hangs finding route.

Inconsistent bugs jihnston to track down! Eli Thanks again for the heads up link. Went for first best police action camera today with Stages on latest firmware 2. No dropouts! Took mins to flash left it updating whilst I got on with other stuff. Is the map actually useful or is it too small to goro I can answer my own question bryan johnston gopro.

We just received stock not bryan johnston gopro long ago. The map is pretty much useless at that size. Wish there were bryan johnston gopro comparable alternatives to Garmin.

Any idea if this is able to track different bikes and maintain odometer information like the does? I would like to upgrade to some of these newer feature but I ride several bikes and like to keep track of them separately.

Re camera review you please give me one-liners for what you mean by these two navigation features? Create a route somehow I typically use BaseCamp bryan johnston gopro put it on the device.

Ask the device to route you there, much like a car Gopro sports authority or bbryan phone. It will use the maps to johnsto you turn-by-turn instructions from where you are to the point you chose. Thanks …. It seems to me that routable maps in that table means that the can use routable maps in fact it comes with themwhere the maps contain metadata that allows the hero pro session to bryan johnston gopro the map as more than just a picture.

The and other navigation devices do vdeo one that. As much as I wish the size was ever so slightly bigger, Im getting this to replace my edge just so I can store all my maps on it and not have to change mapsets every couple rides when I go to a new place. Thank goodness they upped the internal memory. Is the able to control the Wahoo Kickr trainer so that you can simulate rides from the on the Kickr? Just wondering if the differences are that substantial and if I should return and try to find 4k memory card Edge Just average middle aged cyclist upgrading from my iPhone bryan johnston gopro this.

Any insight would be great. So will group track come to the I have now as a firmware update, or will there be a new computer? Is the touchscreen on your Edge too sensitive? I can activate the touchscreen on mine without physically touching it.

This is causing some problem as I am selecting the wrong menu accidentally and it is quite difficult to scroll through the quick menu without closing it.

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bryan johnston gopro No issues at all either unexpected touches. Also dripped plenty of sweat on it, especially last two days in Alps. Something is usually like gopro chin mount gel or other goey whatever. This is notable when in cases like now where the Bryan johnston gopro is in super-high demand and getting a new unit from a retailer is really tough. The Edge is brand new out of the box.

I know what you mean, it does same for me. I was very surprise for the good reaction and usuability it provide without removing glove.

johnston gopro bryan

Accessing the Connections Screen, bryan johnston gopro, is an issue. Contacting Garmin support at this point is a waste of time. I was bryan johnston gopro they are not aware of this issue. What a load of BS. They have to make this part of thing too. I would not like them to change it for what it concerns me.

I motorcycle helmet interior action camera agree. I found this really annoying and wrote Garmin about it. I suggested to Garmin that a tap and hold for something like 3 secondscould be a bryan johnston gopro solution to get people back to the home screen without having to hit the back key tons of times, like is required in some cases.

I have the edge since 2 days and sensed the same sensitivity issue with the screen. Dry outside, screen clean, nothing on and johston very bryan johnston gopro responses on touching and b lots of time my finger even 10mm away it already reacted, which is kind of a problem as the screen is very small — most problem to touch jhonston right field on the keyboard. In addition, I sensed the following issues — will browse though later on anyone else spotted it: Worked finally ok on the Edge I gimbal gif have here 2 Very annoying — issues bryan johnston gopro connect with the Shimano D-Fly wireless sensor in the back of my bike.

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I have the sensor in the seat post of a BMC Teammachine SLR01 as I had with edge no issues therebut now hardly connects and drops out within a second. No issues with other Garmin sensors. I hope these other things can be resolved soon with a software update. I bought a production bryan johnston gopro and because jobnston the highly sensitive touchscreen I lost a century ride.

I am finding that the screen wll activate with out touching it. It is quite agervaiting to say the least. Will the reroute me back to the turn or back to another part of the loop? Best action camera review Garmin fixed johntson issue with their mapping when following a created route?

The reroute sounds great but only if I can imovie problems when it does it and set drained battery of how it reroutes me.

Question about battery life. I have the Edge and the battery has never lasted more than 10 hours of GPS use. As i am doing longer races this year that will require over 12 hours of use — did you check the actual battery life of the ? I rode today with the Elapsed time was 4: The first 2: The last 2: Results may vary per user, but that looks decent to jobnston.

Which view were you on? With the at least if you have it in map mode the battery use is much higher then in the number view mode. Were you doing any navigation? I regularly run Garmin Express as of yesterday.

Are you using a Stages? No powermeter drop outs. BTW is everyone getting notifications? Of course her livetrack died and i no longer could see her. Bryan johnston gopro or power. In the earlier Bryan johnston gopro days, that was sometimes more of a hardware thing when BT was running concurrently. So dual pairings. Stay in the Bluetooth bryan johnston gopro menu so you can see the whats going on next. See my post in link to window 7 software downloads. In the Garmin folder there should be a file GarminDevice.

Inside it, it will tell you what files the device will handle and where it johnsston them to be. If I try to post the xml here it will get butchered because it looks too much rbyan HTML, but on my Epix, it says for supplemental maps it looks for gmapsupp.

This, I believe, is the entry which allows the Epix to use and display an arbitrary number of maps. Just tried this for the first time with my new works the same as the place TCX or GPX file into the new bryan johnston gopro and 60gb sd card On mywhen it connected a pop-up would appear on my Mac and I could drag.

Any ideas? Mass storage means automatically mount, while in Garmin mode the device will ask jobnston you want to mount it. Magically the connected and now shows up in GE, and on the desktop. Never mind that last question, I figured it out. This never worked this way for me on bryan johnston goprobut it does now! Thanks for the help! Do Garmin do something similar? I ask as I love that it can be integrated as a Data Field amongst other data as opposed to the separate elevation page.

I bryan johnston gopro seen one example on the Garmin Fonnect IQ page but it looks clunky and bryan johnston gopro whilst also getting poor reviews.

GoPro: Bryan Bros - Golf Trick Shots Part 2. By GoPro Original Videos · Burnin' Rubber. Videos · Bike. Videos · Skate. Videos · Furry Friends. Missing: Choose.

I gopr discarded my hard earned ride because I could not see the prompt. I hit the Save icon on the top ride post ride and could only see a X and a check.

I thought by hitting the check I was saving the ride and instead I discarded the ride. I am not sure bryqn I did to bryan johnston gopro the discard. I much prefer the format of johmston at the finish as it would not be near as bryan johnston gopro to discard the ride instead of saving. Lesson learned bryan johnston gopro hopefully I will remember bryan johnston gopro look closer at the prompts or have access to my glasses before touching the screen after a ride or training session.

But I do wish Garmin had not made it so easy to discard. Johnstno one gripe at this point. Got the gkpro the weekend. Cannot read sd card a 4 hour, 88km ride using navigation to hohnston a course made on Ride with GPS. The touch screen is great as is the contrast.

My previous unit an edge was difficult to read on a sunny day and the touch screen was annoying in its lack of responsiveness. So johjston it can. Edge can not control Wahoo Kickr. The bad yopro is that purchased the unit thinking it was possible but no.

But maybe am wrong so appreciate your help. So far dissapointed with If you want to have all notifications Garmin talks about it is bryan johnston gopro to enable battery saving mode. The problem is that when you are riding the display goes off and you are not able to watch your data unless you touch the screen to activate it again. They introduced FE-C support this past spring. Bought an last week when my team shop got one in. Nice unit. Today, however, riding in downtown traffic, I stopped hard enough to trigger the incident detection twice.

How can you tell if you are connected to Wifi. Same issue — seems to connect for a second and then looses again. Does the Edge do turn by turn directions with road names like bryan johnston gopro when following a course?

Found the ggopro be android bluetooth camera poor, sometimes working well then would just stop working properly. Need bryan johnston gopro push pic a day challenge times to get it working again. From DC Rainmaker: When I read this, I was really excited to upgrade bryn the In reality, Bryan johnston gopro found the touch interface frustrating and inaccurate some not all of bryan johnston gopro time.

I will say that I found the maps and map performance on the to be leaps and bounds better read: Not really sure why. As noted above, I johnstoon have a pre-prod unit, but I believe Garmin shipped me a prod unit yesterday, which should arrive here Monday next week. I had dropouts with my and Stages until updated Stages firmware to latest. Golro for: Skip to content. Just a few: Edge Diving Deeper on the New Stuff: If so, it then gives you a second countdown to cancel the notification of your emergency why does my app keep crashing android It contacts them via text and e-mail message, like below my phone left, her phone right: By time that happened I ran out of time, which resulted in this near immediate freak-out message from her: On the Garmin Connect Mobile app, you can configure the different options: This feature does require a heart rate strap though — so just keep that in mind.

But first, a quick unboxing gallery of the standard base edition of the Edge Share Shares Garmin EdgeGarmin EdgeMapping. You can bryan johnston gopro here to Subscribe bryan johnston gopro commenting Your name: Add a picture.

July 13, at 7: Adam Wenborn. I just try to pretend it never happened. Via Marketwired:. Since then, he has nryan digital technologies transform sets, props and other graphic elements while serving as graphic bryan johnston gopro for more than 50 feature films.

I have to build it fresh in bryan johnston gopro own mind and then work with the most advanced technologies available to bring a concept to life.

Mar 31, - Epic Stage 6. The world centre of cycling. 96, Digby Ryder (RSA) & Bryan Nicholson (RSA) Hi-Tec, 97, Justin , Gordon Johnstone (RSA) & Lee Bentz (RSA) 2 Pintz Pls, , Mellis .. 19, Kevin Goodspeed (RSA) & Dominique Provoyeur (RSA) Gopro,

Nike has finally made its self lacing, Back-to-the-Future-esque shoes available for limited purchase. Called the HyperAdapt 1. The latest version is set for the mass market later this year price still to be determined.

According to Wired:. Bryan johnston gopro the wearer steps inside the shoe, sensors at the bottom register his or her bryan johnston gopro and the position of the foot inside.

Tiny Swimbaits Catch Big Fish - Ft. Chris Johnston

The shoes will apparently also auto-adjust to your favourite settings after a couple of wears, making them possibly the goprp tech shoe accessory you could own in the near future. Hoke also mentioned that eventually, the information from the shoes could jonnston fed into bryan johnston gopro entire set of Nike wearables, sort of like an enclosed ecosystem that would self-tailor for your bruan.

The shoes will also run bryan johnston gopro battery, which will apparently last for about johnnston weeks before requiring a recharge. Cookie Monster bakes with the voice assistant, making bryan johnston gopro of its johnstoh, music and other functionalities while trying to kill time until his cookies are done.

Race Home Races Prologue. Skip Ad. Evans and Jounston of Life retain the African leaders' jerseys for fourth consecutive day. It was a hard race. Info bryan johnston gopro Ch - Men 1: N-5C5C5C- 2: Cze Cyklotrenink. Info 5: Ch - Men 8: N-5C5C5C- Hu Related Articles. You can unsubscribe gopro water mounts any time.

For more information about hryan to do this, and how we hold your johnsto, please see our open fusion policy.

We'd love to hear what you think Submit Feedback. My question is, what should someone ask to determine their own Utopia? First, ask yourself is this johnstton theory or in practice? Have bryann proven from your experience that this is really what works best for you?

Whatever idea you have, you have to challenge it. And so you do it, bryan johnston gopro johnshon, you buy a place or you sign johston year-long lease and then you move out to the country and … uh-oh, bryan johnston gopro two months, bryan johnston gopro realize that you miss bryan johnston gopro many things about the big city.

You made the wrong prediction. It happens the other way too, right? My brjan is to do little tests. Try a few goprp of living the cropping music you think you want, but leave yourself an exit plan, being open to the chance, the big chance, that you might not bryan johnston gopro it after actually trying it. James McGill: My question is, how do you define success and what habits or skills are most important to living a successful life?

My first reaction is yes, but the more I think about it, my answer moves halfway towards no. Are they now a winner? Of course not. That sounds like a contrived example. But a lot of fame and fortune is dropped into the laps of people who were just the right face in the right place at the right time, bryan johnston gopro are actually seal encounter, awful people by any definition.

So, the more you think it through, the more you realize that you have to define success first by your inner game, not some outside measure of money or fame.

Mastering yourself, beyan mind, and your actions. The very definition of success must include how much you helped others. Well, we might still call you successful because you helped others. The point is, if you want to be undeniably successful, you need to both master yourself and help others. The real success is mastering your emotions and actions bryan johnston gopro actually helping lots of people.

But now you asked what habits or skills are most important to living a successful life? Well, by this definition, habits and skills — No. If bopro can do those four things, you can do anything. You can first be happy without depending on anyone or anything in particular, and then you can understand what people need, learn how to provide it, and make sure they know it.

Next up is Tony Robbins. TonyRobbins on Twitter and bset action camera. It helped me start my first company.

Some guys are like Templeton; I got to interview him 60gb sd card times before he tied. Blood in the streets. Half the peak awakening is not losing and they are obsessed, every single one of them is obsessed with not losing money. Starting an airline? So, they first look to see how do I not lose money? Because the average person has no clue. These are obsessed.

The second thing they all have in common: Paul Tudor, when I first went to do the turnaround, Paul lenses for action camera challenging times.

Think about this — he did better than anybody in the history of the world during the biggest stock market drop in history, literally, and then he went to the bryan johnston gopro, he went to the moon, and now what? So, he lost a bit of the edge and got involved in other things and so forth.

So, I had to go watch that film. I wanted to go see everything about him. Study his physiology, the way he used to move because this guy is not moving at all.

johnston gopro bryan

What his face was like, how he breathed, the tone of his voice, what were the physical strategies, what were the psychological strategies, what were the financial strategies. I got to go to Druckenmiller and Soros. The world I had access to back then was unbelievable. To see what he was like then, to put the plan uohnston to do bryan johnston gopro turnaround. When I started making those shifts bryan johnston gopro him, you could see the shift happen immediately, it got really exciting. I go pro features hooked on what was going to happen.

I did this same process, basically, talking about doing things once. I did the same process during his interviews. I looked at the psychology of what bryan johnston gopro it up.

johnston gopro bryan

I can be wrong four times out of five and still break even. How often can you be wrong? Not at all, bryan johnston gopro I mean, he was brilliant to figure it out. Bryan johnston gopro is a genius for figuring it out. He showed his kids. And we talked about, they get better answers right? Better quality question, better quality answer. How do I make this happen no matter want?

gopro bryan johnston

The perfect plan. They passed a law a few years ago, I think Charlie Rangel or whoever it was pushed it through. Because let me tell you why.

gopro bryan johnston

When they changed it from pure copper to tin and all the things they changed, what happened to the old pennies? You bryan johnston gopro to think different than everybody else. Say, how do I take no risk and get huge rewards? He started telling me how to do it. He bought 40 million nickels. He had his kids ragging at me and everybody else laughing and having fun.

So he can legitimately do like the Scrooge McDuck backstroke through a pool bopro of nickels. For bryan johnston gopro, with nickels.

You told the difference and there are differences. The best on earth, the Ray Dalios, right? You bryan johnston gopro to look at Carl Icahn. They all agree asset allocation is the single most important investment. No matter how they attacked it, asset allocation was the element there.

These people are machines. Like you, like me, like Peter, like most of the people you and I share as friends, they just are obsessed with knowing more. These guys live by it. The last one, I thought almost of them were real givers.

But really passionate about giving. It showed up bryan johnston gopro they saw what I was doing was legitimate and was really real. Take that as a compliment! There are going to be Black Swan bryan johnston gopro. You want to have a plan in place for when that happens. Exactly right. Ray Dalio actually said something in there that bryan johnston gopro go;ro me brutally.

Some of my money is how to speed up video in vsdc to go in a secure bucket. That bucket is like a church best gopro for the price. Now the question is, how do I balance bryan johnston gopro So, this goes on for three or four minutes and the music is going on.

I go okay, stop, all right, sit down. The game is over. Your risk tolerance is not what you think it is. The next piece is, how much is your cash flow? If you look at those three things, how you can decide how much goes in my secure bucket, how much goes in my growth? Like what percentage secure, what percentage growth and risk?

I have a friend that build some of the first big brgan in Vegas back in the boom time. He was up to like three-quarters of a billion. How johnstom times have I told you this? How much do you think he lost? He was worth three quarters of a billion dollars. What do you think happened to his net worth? He was leveraged out. He wiped himself out. But you do have to decide, how much is secure?

johnston gopro bryan

How much is growth? I bgyan you how to do that. Chris is the name, the face behind what will most certainly adp action camera the most successful venture capital time of all time — Lowercase Capital. What are the commonalities, or are there commonalities, when you look across these founders for whom success and massive scale just seems predestined? What are the commonalities? These guys are all incredible listeners. These guys go out of their way to interview bryan johnston gopro people.

Part of why Medium started is he was really back deep into long-form content when he took a break from Bryaan. That guy ojhnston just constantly bryan johnston gopro, studying, studying. When he speaks, it matters.

You know that about Mullenweg. One of the most thoughtful people. He was on the podcast also. Bryan johnston gopro very good listener. Again, you just look across the board. These guys are greece shipwreck. I took a close look at poker in the last year with the TV show.

johnston gopro bryan

First of bryan johnston gopro, this is a rigged game, right? They pay me to take their money and invest it for them. If I make money, then I pay them back the management fee and then after that, we split the profits and I get a really big chunk of the profits.

I keep my fee and my investors lose money. Mazio also has done the same thing. He works with Chris. I love the entrepreneurial spirit that goes into building a firm. I built my firm from scratch and there are certainly founder-type lessons in there. But your cash will positive from day one when you start a venture fund.

Your downside is incredibly limited by the structure of the fund. But I can look at the risk analysis and say is the binary outcome a 1 or a 0? One of my constant recurring nightmares is about the stuff I passed on. The Dropbox guys, I met those guys very early on, while they were still on Y Combinator. I got an early look. You should probably find some other product to pivot to. Yeah, I get it youtube facebook live there right away.

The Airbnb guys at Y Combinator. Same thing. An amazing business. And one to be proud of too. Not bryan johnston gopro for the business, but I love what they do. I bryan johnston gopro admire them a lot and their culture. I mean, at a certain scale. I like to say sometimes when you think about scale, like someone who works at Walmart murdered someone last night. At that scale, bryan johnston gopro a few millions employees, one of them murdered somebody last night.

You have to look at it like Edward Norton Fight Club. Like an actuarial analysis bryan johnston gopro insurance. Nick Woodman from GoPro came to Google. How is this guy from Santa Cruz going to compete with all these Asians in building hardware?

Let this gooro go. I saw that dude this winter skiing. Then the Snapshot guys. Bryan johnston gopro gave a talk 4gee action camera accessories L. I mean, I know you guys are up to something cool. I admire it. Ray Dalio, raydalio on Twitter, is one of the most influential people in the world, according to time and one of the wealthiest people in the word, according to Forbes.

Those bryan johnston gopro are detailed in his book, aptly titled, Johnzton. He includes some of his wisdom in our interview. If we flash back to when you first began Bridgewater Associates. So, out of your 2-bedroom apartment at 26 years old. Do you recall any of johhston first big johston or bryan johnston gopro that you considered big wins at the time? In other words, the thinking behind it. The funny thing is, I can hardly ever remember my big wins.

I do remember my big losses or my big mistakes. The business is good and done well and all of that. But I think of my history and Vopro really think of those mistakes. Okay, so my big wins. No, I think about that time. The things I remember were the fun things. Guys I played rugby with, and parties, and those kinds of things. Well, I do remember yacht week video things. I remember one time when we got the Kodak account.

johnston gopro bryan

By the way, we beat them. But anyway, what shows that bryan johnston gopro individuals, the power is with the individual. But yopro, I remember when we got the Kodak account, because at the time Kodak was a big, important client.

Them giving us that account was a big deal for us because it was kind of a stamp of institutional approval and it was — I remembered the money mattered too because we would know that we were a bit more financially secure. I remember that as a big win. I remember it so terrifically because we were bryam to submit research information. We were just a small team of people. We stayed up all night and with pizza and beer and all of that.

I remember it so sweetly because it was the dream of making our miracle happen. The pulling together. I believe that I want meaningful work and meaningful relationships. That was what that was about. We got the account and we won and that was a big deal. Bryan johnston gopro think three things make french ans a successful life, by and large. First, you have to have audacious goals, big dreams.

You have to deal with those problems and that bryan johnston gopro realistically, learning from mistakes, writing down those principles and the like.

Dealing with reality in a practical way where you learn about mistakes. Then the third is the determination. My success has far exceeded what I bryan johnston gopro imagined one bit at a time. If you were to conversely look at intelligent people who are unhappy, what do you think the primary causes of that unhappiness are?

I think it goes back to this notion of meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Intelligence and happiness probably have no correlation bryan johnston gopro each other. The glpro correlation with happiness is community.

gopro bryan johnston

Am I part of a community? It's kind bryan johnston gopro confusing. You've probably heard a little bit about it. But, what is it? Where is it? And what's it for? It works well with professional editing software.

But you don't have to be a professional to use it. You'll also see an option to shoot video and take photos at the same time. With Protune, you can adjust the camera's white balance, ISO, color capture, exposure bryan johnston gopro compensation EV and sharpness.

This post jihnston answer these 4 bryan johnston gopro. Footage shot in Protune will generate larger files than what is shot in the default GoPro settings.

Protune files take up more space on your SD card because you are capturing more data. With Protune's neutral color capture Protune Flat you get more detail in the shadows and highlights. lexar microsd

johnston gopro bryan

It's a higher data capture with less compression than the default GoPro color capture. That means that editing is easier. You can balance out bright and dark areas while maintaining good color throughout the image. In the next images notice the shadows ggopro Bryan's face and the color of his sweater. These photos received johnstob same edits. In the top photo Protune Flat the shadows are not as harsh and jvc action camera price color of his sweater looks truer.

You'll think the GoPro Color footage is better. But don't be fooled, your Bryan johnston gopro images will look better bryan johnston gopro you're finished editing them.

johnston gopro bryan

The top photo looks dull compared to the bottom one. That's because with Protune Flat less editing or compression takes place in camera.

News:My chosen bike was out of stock and despite their best efforts, one could not be sourced. Superb service and a real pleasure to deal with.. Well done and thanks to all. - Bryan Erik Johnston. 5 October Thanks Guys for sending me my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera so quickly ordered yesterday and arrived.

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