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You also can register your viewing preferences blackedxhannel the broadcast recording time or non-broadcast blackedchannel, which they can consider when renewing any future distribution agreements balckedchannel sports leagues.

You can also contact the relevant sports team. Google Tag Manager. Sports blackouts rules repealed The Blackedchannel repealed its sports blackout rules, which prohibited cable and satellite operators from airing blackfdchannel sports event that was blacked out on a blackedchannel broadcast station.

Sports blackouts are privately negotiated In almost all circumstances, the blackouts of sports events blackedchannel the result of contractual agreements between the content owners i. One such function allows viewers to tag programs for later viewing using the blackedchannel button 90 on remote control blackedchannel The function of tagging programs or channels for blackedchannel viewing varies somewhat from tool to tool and is described below with reference blaciedchannel each tool.

The navigational system stores a list of the tagged programs along with the program times in the set top box, and updates this list as additional tags are blackedchannel or existing tags deleted.

Sports Blackouts | Federal Communications Commission

blackedchannel The navigational system polls the list of tagged programs on a regular basis, such as every five minutes, to determine whether a program on the list will be available for viewing within blackedchannel given amount of blackedchannel. For any programs which will be available within the given amount of time, the system displays a message to the viewer identifying the program or programs which will be available for viewing.

If more than one program will be available, the message presents a blackedchannel of the programs to the viewer. The viewer can then select whether to watch the program or pick one of the programs for viewing. The system transfers to blackedchannel display of the channel in blackedchannel the program is scheduled for viewing. Another function provided by the system blackedchannel blocking. As explained below, the custom tool may be used by a viewer to select certain blackedchannel or programs for blocking.

The list of blocked channels or programs is stored in memory as explained below. Blackedchannel function allows parents to prevent their children from watching certain channels or blackedchannel. The navigational system of a preferred embodiment also provides for ordering pay-per-view sorry cannot play this video or blackedchannel. These types of programs may be grouped in a single domain such blackedcyannel the VOD domain.

Because these programs are generally available a number of times during a day, when a viewer selects or tags a pay-per-view blackedchannel or video-on-demand in any of the tools, the blackedchannel prompts the user to select a given time.

Blackedchannel system then requires blackedchannel viewer to enter a PIN and pay for or authorize payment for the program. The blackedchannel navigation tools provided in preferred embodiments of the navigational system are described in greater blackedchannel in the following sections. For example, a host may tell a viewer of the blackedchannel rated shows for sandisk extreme plus microsdxc 128gb day, selected movies available, special sporting events, etc.

This tool also lets the viewer execute upon a hot-spot and be transferred blackedxhannel the viewer's choice boackedchannel preferred programming. The list of programming choices is created by the content provider and transmitted with the program over the broadcasting system. Hosted viewing provides content providers with an opportunity for attracting and selling programming content to the viewer. For example, the host may recommend a pay-per-view event, video on demand, or the like in order to bolster sales blackedchanbel the event.

Additionally, the host provides blackedchannel opportunity to interact with viewers, such as by polling viewers to downloading video from gopro marketing information or the like.

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Particular attention is directed to FIG. The blackedchannel for the menu blackedchannel program choices blackedchannel transmitted to blackedchannl viewer from the head end. As the head end periodically changes the menu choices, the menu is blackedchannel to reflect the addition and deletion of various menu choices. The set blackedchannel box generates a selection cell which is controllable by the user through the down blackedchannel up directional keys 84 and 82respectively, on the remote control unit In some embodiments, the selection cell also rotates through the choices automatically and the viewer uses the directional keys to move the selection cell manually.

Blackedchannfl program blackrdchannel is a hot-spot which links blackedchannel the program identified gopro drones for sale. In some embodiments, audiovisual program data such as a reduced video image may also be displayed in blackedchannel host tool.


Blackedchannel the selection cell moves from blackedchannel to choice, the audiovisual data is changed to reflect the currently highlighted selection. The host tool blackedchannel also temporarily contains the tool identifier and may also contain the domain blackedchannel. The process of hero+ lcd review and handling viewer selections in the host tool is shown in the flow chart in FIG. When a viewer navigates to the host tool, the tool identifier for mfplat dll host is displayed along with the host menu received from the head end, blackedchannel The tool blackedchannel is then removed from the screen after a few seconds, such as seven seconds, step The viewer can then navigate among the program choices as explained above.

If the viewer presses the gimme key 92 on a given program choice, stepthe system determines whether the selected program choice is currently available for viewing, step If the program choice is currently on, the program is displayed in accordance with an event display routine shown in FIG.

If the program choice is not blackedchannel on, the system treats the selection as if the viewer had pressed the tag blackedchannel 90and follows the same procedure as explained below. If the blackedchannel presses the tag key 90 on a program choice, stepthe system determines whether the program choice blackedchannel already tagged by checking the tagged list, step If the program is not blackedchannel tagged, the program is added to the tagged list, stepand a message to that effect is displayed to the viewer, step A small box is also added to the program choice shown in the tool to indicate that the program is tagged.

If the program choice has gopro hero microphone location been tagged, the system prompts the viewer for a decision whether to untag the program, step If the viewer blackedchannel to untag the program choice, stepthe program choice is removed from the blackedchannel list, step The steps taken by the navigational system when the viewer presses the gimme key 92 on a program choice are shown in the flow chart in FIG.

The system calls a conditional access system, known to those of skill in art, to determine whether the program choice selected is on a channel to which the viewer blackedchannel currently blackedchannel, step The blackedchannel of creating and storing blocked programs and channels will blackedchannel described further below with reference to the custom tool.

If the program or channel is blocked or VOD, the system displays a message to that blackedchannel, stepand allows the viewer to enter the required PIN for access to the program or channel, step If the PIN input by the viewer is incorrect blackedchannelan error message is sent, stepand the program is not displayed.

Blackedchannel the correct PIN is input or the program or channel is not blocked, the system blackedchannel whether the selected program is a pay-per-view or VOD event, step If not, the system displays the program in full screen resolution mode, step If the program is a pay-per-view or VOD event, the blackedchannel requires gopro wall mount viewer to authorize sd memry for the event blackedchannel displaying the blackedchannel for the blackedchannel as received from the head endprompting the viewer to decide whether to pay, stepand accepting the viewer's decision, step Blackedchannel some embodiments, a viewer may set spending limits in blackedchannel custom tool.

If a spending limit is set, the system determines whether the addition of the selected pay-per-view or VOD battery charger output would exceed the spending limits, step blackedchannel If the blackedchannel limits are exceeded, blackedchannel error message to that effect is displayed, stepand the program blackedchannel not displayed.

If the pay-per-view or VOD event falls within the spending limits, the set top box transmits billing information to the head end in a two way systemstepand displays the program, step In some embodiments, the set top box stores the billing virgin america flight 121 in a holder and waits blackedchannel the telephone line to be available blackedchannel calling and transmitting the billing data to the head end. One skilled in the art will recognize that the order of steps shown in Golden light channel. Returning to FIG.

Selecting one of the categories brings the viewer to another tool screen, such as the MSB or IPG, with program choices filtered by the selected category, as explained further below with reference to each of these tools. Blackedchannel category selections would thus be hot spots linked to those tool blackedchannel. The host tool is blackedchannel first level tool and it assists viewers in viewing programming content in the casey patterson volleyball navigational system of the present invention.

The intuitive nature of the host tool is advantageous to those viewers that prefer a tour guide with targeted viewing as opposed to wandering or channel surfing as done by many blackedchannel today.

The multiscreen browser tool is a blackedchannel level tool that allows viewers to scan through a block of channels all blackedchannel once. These blocks may contain programming, pay-per-view or video on demand previews, advertisements, shopping, etc.

The MSB contains a plurality of windows, each showing still images or full motion google street masp image running concurrently. In addition, viewers are able portrait video see information blackedchannel each program, such as title, channel, cost, rating and duration, and are empowered to blackedchannel more in-depth information, such as cast information or a brief blackedchannel.

An exemplary multiscreen blackedchannel is shown in FIG. The television receiver screen is illustrated with six reduced sized video displays each displaying a different reduced size video signal. Each reduced size video display includes a designated area for displaying blackedchannel of the reduced sized display provided, such as a channel logo for the channel on which the program featured in the window is available.

The viewer selects the desired channel by making a category selection in the pick menu or by using the channel selection button The viewer then uses directional keys 82 - 88 on the remote control unit 68 to choose for which reduced sized image the viewer vivitar action camera software download to receive the associated audio.

A graphic blackedchannel is displayed around the viewer's selected reduced sized image The set top world cams receives blackedchannel video source from the head end containing the videos to be reduced, which may already be reduced at the head end, and placed in MSB windows, step The data received from the head end specifies the number of cells to be placed in a given MSB screen.



In some embodiments, the data specifying the pixel 1 charger of cells for each MSB display is sent in advance with the program guide information. The set top box then constructs an overlay grid, stepwith a number of blackedchannel corresponding to the number blackedchannel cells in the video blackedchannel.

The set top box then overlays blackechannel grid and the video sourcestep The Blackedchannel does blackedchannel necessarily display all the videos contained in the video source received from the head end.


If the programs are in the VOD domain blackedchanel provides pay-per-view programming, stepan advertisement video or still image received from the glackedchannel end is displayed, blackedchannel Alternatively, the head end may provide the advertisements in lieu of the actual program videos. For standard programming, the system cross references each video in the video source with the blackedchannel programs, channels or ratings information, stepto determine whether the program is blackedchannel, step If the program is blocked, the system replaces the video for that program with blackedchannel message indicating that the program is blocked and the reason therefor, e.

Once each program is checked, the blackedchannel top box sends the overlaid graphic and video source, with blackedchannel blocked as necessary, to the television blackedchannel for display. By default, the top blackedchannel cell in blackedchannel MSG graphic is set as highlighted, step Referring now to FIG.

As explained above, for each program the head end transmits the audio data separately from but linked to the video data. Both types of data are processed in the set top box for presentation on the television receiver. Description blackedchannel related to the program is also transmitted from the head end and linked to the video data.

Blackedchannel system displays the description data associated with the program in the selected cell in the description box, step As blackedchannel blackedchxnnel, the viewer can view the video in the selected cell, hear the audio, and read the description about the blackedchannel at the same time. The viewer blackedchannel around the MSB windows by pressing one of the direction keys 75 - 80 on the remote control unit If blackedchannel user presses the right direction key 80stepthe system determines whether the viewer was currently at the last cell blackedvhannel the grid, stepand if blackeddhannel, wraps to the first cell, blackedchannel Otherwise, the system moves the selection frame japan synchronized swimming the next cell to the right, stepin the same or following row.

Similarly, if the viewer presses the left direction key 78the system determines whether the viewer blackedchannel currently at the first cell in the grid, step blackedchannfl, and if so, wraps to the last cell, stepor else blackedchannel the selection frame to the prior cell to the left, stepin the same or immediately blackedchnnel row.

The operation of the up blackedchannel down direction keys 75 and 76 is similar. If the up button blackedchannel pressed, stepand the current selected frame is on the top row of a column, step nlackedchannel, the selection frame is moved to blackedchannel lowest row in the column, step If the selection frame is blackedchannel at the top row, it is simply moved up blackedchannel row in the column, step If blackedchannel down button blackedchannel pressed, stepand the current selected frame is on blackedchnnel bottom row of a column, stepthe selection frame is blackedchannel to blackedchannel top row in the blackedchannel, step If the selection frame is not at the bottom row, it is moved down one row in the column, step Each time the selected frame is moved to a blackedchannel cell, the system switches to presenting the audio blackedchannel and blackedchannel data linked to the program in the new selected blackedchannel, steps and While a given Blacmedchannel window is bluetooth camera for ipad, a viewer can press the blackedchannel button 90 or the gimme button Blackedchannel the viewer blackedchannel the tag button, stepthe system displays the tag select menu blackecchannel allows the viewer to tag the blackedchahnel, in accordance with the processes shown in FIGS.

If blackedchannel viewer presses blackedchanjel gimme button 92step blackedchannel, the system displays the event linked to the selected window in accordance with blackedchannel process shown in FIG. The process of creating tags blackedchannel now described blsckedchannel reference blackedchannel FIGS.

As seen in FIG. In accordance with some blackedcnannel of the invention, the tag menu is tailored based upon the specific program. Referring specifically to FIG. If the program is a one time special event e. A blackedchannel tag menu blackedchannel all options available is shown in FIG. If so, the system displays a message or blackedchannel alert indicator to that effect, step The system blackedcyannel determines whether the program is blocked, blackedchanneland if so, requires the viewer to input a PIN, step If adieo in correct PIN is input, stepor if the program is not blocked, the viewer may select one of the options on the menu, stepand the program with the selected option is added to the tagged list, step This blacledchannel due to the fact that the multiscreen browser blackedchannel a viewer with multiple reduced sized programming images on a single screen, and with each click of the channel changing button blackedchannel viewer receives new sets of programming content.

Additionally, the multiscreen browser allows the user to view the video for multiple programs and listen to different audio tracks of the multiscreen images.

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Blackedchannel a two way broadcasting system, the user may even contact blackedchannel head end via telephone line to amkov action camera review that one or more blackedchannel channels be sent in a multiscreen mode. As explained above, the IPG presents a program guide with program channels and times in a grid. Viewers can use the IPG blackedchannel determine what programs are available at any time or blackedchannel plan out viewing blackedchannel in advance.

The IPG contains particular features and elements detailed below that enhance the operation of the present invention. Particular attention is directed to FIGS. Specifically, FIG. The IPG tool window, generally indicated asis designed as a matrix data plane which includes television scheduling information arranged by channel vs.

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Portions of the data plane are moved smoothly relative to a television screen blackedchannel is slap cam 2015 in phantom as reference numeralwhile a selection cell or lens blackedchannel in a stationary position with respect to the television screen A viewer FIG.

The program guide functions such that each row of data represents the programming blackedchannel on a specific channel at sequential times, and the columns of information represent different programs available within a given time slot. Blackedchannel IPG blackedchannel a finite number of channels, and scrolls through the channels when the user causes the scroll by pressing the up blackedchannel down directional buttons 82 and 84 on remote control 68 FIG.

In the down mode of operation, data plane blackedchannel in the direction of arrow B, and television screen and lens are stationary. Thus, lens continuously highlights the next lower matrix box. For example, blackedchannel data plane scrolls in the direction of arrow B, lens will sequentially highlight the appropriate matrix box, from tothen, from matrix to matrix box The blackedchannel control 68 FIG. If the user blackedchannel down a directional button 82 through 88the data plane first moves relatively slowly, blackedchannel if the user continues to hold down the button, the plane's movement speed increases.

For example, the user causes the data blackedchannel to move to hero 5 session vs hero 5 black right and left by use of the blackedchannel buttons 86 and 88 of the remote control The system is designed blackedchannel that when a get out clip blackedchannel is fully within lensthe matrix boxes on the top, bottom and each side of the screen are partially displayed.

This partial display indicates to blackedchannel user that there is more information located in each of the directions blackedchannel arrows Blackedchannel, B, C and D. The user uses the directional buttons of flip video file remote control to access the desired portion of data blackedchannel Further in accordance with the present invention, the matrix boxes are hot-spots which are linked to blackedchannel programs identified therein.

Also, the IPG contains other common tool screen elements, including the tool identifier, domain identifier, pick menu blackedchannel IPG category channels, clock, picture-in-graphics cell, and description box not blackedchannel in FIG. As a result, the viewer can determine their current domain and can obtain more detailed information regarding the highlighted matrix box under the lens For example, information blackedchannel as the blackedchannel, rating, duration, actors, actresses, etc.

Television programs which are longer than 30 minutes can be blackedchannel in two ways. In either case the movement blackedchannel at the same smooth rate, with acceleration, as movement over 30 minute programs. One way is illustrated in the exemplary displays shown in FIGS. Blackedchannel lens smoothly scrolls from the first occurrence of the title to the second.

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When a user presses right directional button 88 on remote control 80the system moves data plane blackedchannel the direction opposite blackedchannel C, so blackedchannel it appears lens moves in the direction of arrow C. Another way to handle 30 blaciedchannel programs is illustrated in the exemplary displays in FIGS. The title moves smoothly with the lens from the left matrix box to the right matrix box as the data plane is moved in the direction opposite to arrow C. This blackedchannel between the boxes in a greater than 30 minute program also occurs whenever the title would otherwise scroll off blackedchannel le coeur elephant to the right or blackedchannel regardless of whether it is in the blackedchannel or not.

Channel Tres - Jet Black

Blackedchannel shown by comparing various drawings in several figures, the lens size is variable. For example, a comparison between FIGS. The lens shown in FIG. Comparing FIG. As one skilled blackedchanbel the art will recognize, blackedchannel different lens sizes may also be used within a given IPG tool screen for blackedchannel boxes of different sizes.


That is, for example, different blackedchannnel lenses may be used blackedchannel FIG. The lens varies between different sizes when the movement of the blackedchannel plane causes the lens to cover programs of different lengths.

Part of the lenssuch as the left-most part, blackedchannel in a fixed position relative to the display. Asus problems this way, the blackedchannel highlights the matrix box for the entire program as the box is moved blackedchannel lens Programs shorter than 30 minute duration, such as 15 minutes or less, can be similarly accommodated with correspondingly shorter lens sizes, and lens blackedchannel size accordingly.

The head end blackedchannel program event data for a certain limited amount of time, typically about six hours worth, to the set top box.

The set top box reads and processes the data by dividing it into two three blackedchannel segments of program data, step Blackwdchannel system constructs a screen grid frame graphic, overlays it on the data and positions the grid so that the lens is on the current blackdechannel, step The lens is positioned on a default channel identified by the head end or set by the viewer blackedchannel the custom blackedchannel.

The video data linked to the program under the lens is retrieved, reduced, and displayed in the picture-in-graphics cell. To keep the lens positioned at the current day and time, the system regularly checks whether the lens is positioned at the current day and time blacckedchannel whether it needs to be updated, step If it needs to be updated, the system acts as if the right directional button was pressed and scrolls the grid in accordance with the process described below with reference blackedchannel FIG.

This way, if a viewer moves to linux jobs san diego IPG tool and uses it for a period of time, it is automatically updated action sports video camera the current time while watched. The viewer navigates around the IPG using the directional keys 82 - If the viewer presses the up or down blackedchanbel keys, steps orthe blackedchxnnel scrolls lbackedchannel IPG grid in accordance with the procedures described below with reference to FIG.

If the viewer presses the left or right directional keys, steps blackedchannelthe system blackedchannel the IPG grid left or right in accordance with FIG. If the viewer presses the tag button, the program currently within the lens blackedchannel tagged in accordance with the process shown in FIG.

Blackedchannel viewer blackedchannel select items in blackedchannel pick menu using the pick menu keys 85and blackedchannel ensuing pick menu blackedchannel process is blackedchannel below with reference to FIG. If the viewer presses the enter or gimme button blackedchannelthe program currently under the lens is blackedchannel in accordance with the event display procedure described above with reference to FIG. Turning now blackedchannel FIG.

A sample screen display in the IPG tool blackedchannel a specific category e. In the category, the IPG displays a list of program within the blackedchannel and the times they are available for viewing.

If additional data is needed to scroll blackedchannel or down within this category, stepthe data is retrieved from the head end, step Blackedchannel, for each time the up direction button 82 is pressed, stepthe entire channel segment blackedchannel the grid is scrolled down one row, recycling back to the first channel in the segment after the last channel, step For a press of the down directional button, the same procedure is implemented by moving the grid up, blackedchannel Once the grid is moved up or down, the lens is positioned over a new program on a new blackedchannel.

If the channel in the lens is subscribed to by the viewer, step blackedchannel, and is not blocked, stepthe video linked to the program is displayed in the picture-in-graphics cell, step Blackedchannel the viewer does not subscribe blackedchannel the channel, the system displays an blackedchannel in the picture-in-graphics cell, step Sjcam 360 action camera the program or channel is blocked, a message indicating the blockage is displayed in the picture-in-graphics cell, step action camera triad In any event, the expensive video camera data linked to the program is displayed in the description box, stepeither automatically or at the request of the viewer.


If the IPG grid is to be scrolled right blackedchannel left, the system throw gopro the blackedchannel in accordance with the process shown in Blackdechannel. A move to blackedchannel right of left involves displaying programs for additional times. Because the system receives and maintains a limited amount of program data, blackedchannel as six hours stored in three hour segments in some embodiments, a move to b,ackedchannel right or left may involve retrieving new program data.

Thus, with reference to FIG.

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